• Wishes to Emily and George...

    A wishing letter for the wedding of Emily and George

  • To Sophie and Jason....

    Congratulations for the new baby

  • To Johannes.....

    A business-good luck letter for his new job

What is


What is it about?

In these technological days we live, everybody is using computers and smart phones or anything else but the hand.
Have you forgot the traditional old-times-classic handwritting? We believe that,  it is so awesome for someone to receive a traditional letter …and guess what… a letter with a beautiful calligraphy style… nice fonds, romantic flourishes, borders, flowers,  or anything gives this old times style… This would be an amazing surprise for anyone.
After all these thoughts, we had this idea,  why not  give  people you love the opportunity to receive a very special handmade letter from you… isn’t it a great idea?
Send a handmade calligraphy letter…
… to someone you love so much, your other half…express words deep from your heart!
… to your parents, grandparents, children…write them how you care and think about them!
… to your cousins, unckles, best friends for a beautiful  wish
… to your business partners to say a “thank you”….”good luck” or something about their job….
… to anyone else… you could think who and what!


Yes, this is a surprise.

…to all of us…
To you:  you do not know how your letter will look -usual thoughts: Oh my God! should I get panic now?
To the recipient: it is something unexpected (What a surprise! I am crying!!! I can’t believe it!!!)
And to us… yes, believe it, please do not laugh… each time we have a new request for a letter,  first we say “Yupiiii” and then…. we are very panic -like the song “First we take Manhatan then we take Berlin 🙂
All the team really think a lot about your letter… We think who is the sender and who is the recipient…so, yes, we think each time to create a different letter for you.
Then we start the creativity….”we have to make it perfect…ok more perfect”…”come on, think something better”… “why don’t you like my idea???” …. “still thinking? the letter must finish…yesterday”…”Oh God! where is my imagination?”  and all these great and cretive conversations that happen in our atelier everyday 🙂
Why?…because none letter is the same as the other…each letter has it’s personality, it’s character….and our love and passion….
So yes,  each time we love to create a very new unique letter… new request, new design!
And this is the surprise to all of us!!!

some Samples of letters


We want your request to be very easy and quick for you. We know your time is important. So, only 4 steps to order!

step 1

Fill in the form below carefully,  special the  recipients’ address details. Write your message until 30 words…

step 2

Tell us who is the recipient (lover, husband/wife, parents, friends etc).  This is important to us, the time we design your letter.

step 3

Give us any other information  would help us for the design (eg. it is a boy 5 yrs old and the letter suppose to be from St Claus)

step 4

That’s it…  Submit…  and pay via your paypal account (this will give you more safety as you know. If the recipient will not receive it, you have the right to ask paypal to refund your amount)


We can write your letter in  all  latin alphabets -western alphabets and also in greek.

In the next period of 7-10 days your letter will be ready, shipped and you will receive at your e-mail account the tracking number. So easy…

who we are

The founder of the idea is Lena Septemvri, calligrapher from Athens, Greece.
You can see her works at her official website www.calligrapher.gr , like her page on FACEBOOK, follow her on TWITTER or follow us  on INSTAGRAM.
Lena loves the communication with the old times classic traditional calligraphy, and likes to sit hours in front of her desk playing with nibs, inks, papers and all these staff… (Who you think do the hard work for you???)

Lena has at her team three excellent calligraphers, John, Mary and Lia who love calligraphy and do great work.
All the team together,  when a request arrives, are in panic to design, write and send you something very special.
Our satisfaction is to be enthusiast when you see the letter.

We are really happy to be creative panic for you 🙂
P.S  You are very welcome to upload your letter,  when it is received, in our instagram account #sendcalligraphyletter


LenaAthens, GREECE
MaryAthens, GREECE
JohnAthens, GREECE
LiaAthens, GREECE

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I could not believe I could do something like this so easy…When I found this idea I said “Ok I’ll try it, why not? ” I wanted to send a love message to my wife for our 5th anniversary. Just as simple, I made my request and in 15 days the letter was home. From Greece. So far away, amazing ha? With greek post stamps on it… I kept them.  My wife loved it… Excellent design and beautiful letters. I think I will use it for more other occasions I have Thank you Lena and team


This idea was the most excited I’ve ever tried. With just some simple steps I had sent a wonderful letter to my parents. It was my wedding time and wanted so much to send them a respectful message  from my heart just to thank them, say how much I love them and all these we do at our weddings. The letter came very quickly, excellent decorated, my parents have it in the living room and look it everyday. They love it. Thank you so much for this special idea, I will recomend you to my friends.

TammyLos Angeles

My husband was in London for a period of 3 months. I wanted to make a surprise to him, not expensive, but clever Looking in the internet I just have a thought of a special message. And I found the SendCalligraphyLetter. I used it,  send my request and after 10 days my husband had his only-for-him special letter, which was really a very special calligraphy letter. He was so surprised and loved it so much. He is still talking about it. Love this idea and hope to use it more times in the future.


Well, the idea of doing something like this so easy only with some steps and only with a little amount,  was awesome. Usually, when you want to order something in calligraphy style and handmade, it takes so much time to talk to the calligrapher and decide it, and order it and receive it. And also the cost is very high at this kind of commission work. Ok, I was a little bit nervous what this letter would be, how the envelope will look like, the letters etc. etc.  but I saw Lenas’ work and said “ok, her website looks professional, like her work, I will try it” And, yes, it was so, so nice. And came in 15 days only in Australia. The letter was for my fiance, just some love words. It was so romantic, I really  could never imagine it would look so perfect. Thank you Lena and team… I will be back for sure.


frequently asked questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Send Calligraphy Letter, or if you need support, please visit our contact Form.

How many days is the shipping delivery?

We proceed and ship your letter in 7-10 days after your order. The shipping delivery depends of the country of the destination. Approx times are,  for Europe 5-7 days, USA 7-10 days, Australia 10-12. Other countries about 10-12 days

What if the letter get lost?

This is imposible because we send all the letters register shipping and we have the tracking number (which we send it to you after the shipping). But if this happens, we will create your letter and send it again

Do you ship worldwide? And how much is the cost?

We ship worldwide and the cost is included in the price you see

What if the letter will be destroyed through shipping?

We put the letter and it’s envelope in a bigger hard paper envelope so it is full protective.

How will look the inside letter?

The inside letter is matching with the envelope.  Paper, colors and design are matching with the envelope

Will you show with photos the address of the recipient at your website, instagram or anywhere else?

Of course not, we respect yours and the recipients’ privacy. The photos in our website are real designs but we have changed the addresses to protect your privacy.


Philotely Surprise: Your favorite person will receive the letter with stamps from Greece and also from other countries. We collect stamps and we use it to decorate your letters. So, many stamps may be old or rare. Great for people who love stamps…

Contact with us

Contact with us

Tel: +30 6934 68 17 17

Email: contact@sendcalligraphyletter.com

We love to hear about you and help you if you have any special request

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